Ice Bath FAQ

I am over 6ft / 2m will I fit?

We've designed our bath to fit anyone up to 6'9" / 2.1m

How do I drain it? Is it easy?

The Spartan Ice Bath comes with a drain hose / drain spout at the bottom, so you can easily drain it.

How to assemble the ice bath?

The assembly takes less than 2 minutes and is super easy. Just insert the 6 support poles in the ice bath and inflate the rim (the top part) and you are ready.

When to take a cold plunge?

After cold exposure, your body heats up—yes, HEATS up. Body temperature increases tend to wake us up, whereas body temperature decreases tend to shift us toward sleepy states. Thus, we suggest using deliberate cold early in the day and not too close to bedtime. Sometimes it's better to do it late than never, but not if it perturbs your sleep. If a deliberate cold affects your sleep, try doing it earlier in the day, or not at all.

How much ice do i need to add?

We recommend adding 13-26lb (6-12kg) of ice per session. The amount of ice needed depends on your water temperature and how cold you desire it to be. If you live in colder climates, adding ice may not even be needed.

Since the Spartan Ice Bath is insulated it will keep the water cold for multiple days, and you may therefore not have to add as much ice after the first time.

Alternatively, you can get a water chiller and skip the hassle of buying ice.

How long should each ice bath session be?

Consider doing deliberate cold exposure for 11 minutes per week in total. Not per session, but rather, 2-4 sessions lasting 1-5 mins each distributed across the week. Again, the water temperature should be uncomfortably cold yet safe to stay in for a few minutes. You can do more, but this should be the minimum to achieve the benefits of cold exposure. You can do very cold, very brief exposures for adrenaline release too, but the 11 minutes is based on a recent study that explored a range of effects and is a good solid, basic protocol for ongoing use.

What is the recommended water temperature?

We recommend starting out at around 59º Fahrenheit (15°C) if it's your first time, and then slowly lowering the temperature and duration for each session. That way your body will get acclimated to the cold.

How often should I change the water?

Once every 2 weeks. We recommend washing the inside surfaces with warm soapy water or mild disinfectant after you drain it. Tablet cleaner (chlorine tablets) helps too.

Does it come with a lid? Is it free?

The Spartan Ice Bath comes with a free thermo/insulated lid.

Compared to other ice bath companies, we don't charge you for it!

You will find it carefully folded up and placed in a transparent protective wallet inside the box.

How do I keep the water clean?

Always keep the lid on when not in use, to help prevent any debris from falling in.

How does it keep the water cold?

The Spartan Willpower Ice Bath is integrated with thermal insulated TPE layers, and a Thermo Lid to lengthen the time at a given temperature. We recommend deploying your Ice Bath outside, under shade, to maximize the passive overnight cooling effect and then adding ice or ice blocks if needed.

Is the product portable?

Yes the product is portable and you can easily carry it anywhere. The Spartan Willpower Ice Bath can be packed down into a small box with dimensions 27.16 x 14.17 x 4.33 inches and a total weight of 6.71 lbs / 3.5 kg

Can I use the Spartan Ice Bath outside?

Definitely! We engineered the Spartan Ice Bath to be weather and UV resistant, so you can set it up inside or outside, even in temperatures below freezing. The insulation layer makes the water turn to ice a lot slower, but we still recommend to stir the water at least once a day to keep the water from freezing completely solid.