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Warrior Ultra 1.5 HP Wi-Fi Water Chiller + Heater

Warrior Ultra 1.5 HP Wi-Fi Water Chiller + Heater

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Introducing the most powerful Warrior Ultra Wi-Fi water chiller/heater with titanium heat exchanger. Perfect for athletes and entrepreneurs looking for a clean and consistent cold temperature or relaxing warm bath at home. Experience the perfect water temperature control with the ability to cool your water to a consistent 36°F, or warm it up to a cozy 104°F, from your mobile phone. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, an absolute beast. It is waterproof and doesn't have to be covered.

Say goodbye to $5,000 Wi-Fi Chillers and order the Warrior Ultra now. Limited stock.

cold plunge chiller
  • Easily set temperature and timer from the mobile app
  • Cools the water down to 36 - 40 F
  • Heats the water up to 104 F
  • 190 gallons maximum water volume
  • Works with all ice bath models
  • Easy to use and set up - plug and play
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use (waterproof)
  • Advanced step filtration (10 microns filter)
  • UV sterilization that kills bacteria
  • Wi-Fi enabled temperature control system from your phone + auto on/off schedule
  • Safety shutoff
  • Industrial grade high-quality components
  • One year warranty
water chiller for ice bath

Water chiller specifications:

  • Power: 1.5 HP
  • Refrigerating Capacity: 3500 W
  • Heating Power: 5000 W
  • Pump Power: 80 W
  • Pump Lift: 53 ft / 16 m
  • Pump Flow: 634 gallons per hour
  • Refrigerant Fluid: R410A (Eco friendly)
  • Input Current: 8.75A
  • Input Power: 850W
  • Weight: 100 lbs
  • Size: 25.6 x 25.6 x 18.9 inches
  • Voltage: 110V / 60hz (US Standard)
  • Noise ≤ 65DB (A)

1.5 hp water chiller

What is included:

  • 1.5 HP Warrior Willpower Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Water Chiller/Heater
  • Filter 10 Microns
  • x2 Black Hoses
  • x4 Wheels With Brakes
  • x4 Clamps
  • x4 3/4 Male Pagoda Stainless Steel Connectors
  • x2 1/2" Female to 3/4" Female Stainless Steel Connectors
  • x2 1/2" Male to 3/4" Female Stainless Steel Connectors
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What is your shipping time?

Our shipping time is 7 - 14 business days to the USA and Canada. We dispatch within 2 - 5 business days.

Is this water chiller going to hike up my electricity bill?

No, the chiller will not rack up high energy bills. It uses the same technology as your fridge/freezer at home, which is extremely economical.

The exact power usage varies based on climate but expect to spend around $0.5-$1.5 per day in electricity (10 times less than buying ice if you plunge regularly!).

One of the best long term investments you can make for your health and your family.

Is it compatible with my current ice bath?

The water chiller is compatible with all ice baths on the market!

If you have any questions please email us at

Is it easy to setup?

The chiller takes 10 minutes and is easy to setup. We provide easy to follow video instructions with your order.

Is the water chiller noisy?

The water chiller is designed for quiet operation. We've prioritized ensuring that your cold plunge sessions are as peaceful as possible. Thanks to our advanced engineering, the chiller operates with minimal noise, allowing you to relax and rejuvenate without any disruptions, making it a top choice for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Can I use it outdoors? Is it waterproof?

The chiller is waterproof, so you can freely use it outside and don't have to cover it with anything.

How much will I save on ice?

We have calculated that at 4 - 5 ice baths per week, the chiller cost is made back in 4 - 6 months. The chiller is a smart financial & time saving decision if you're a regular ice plunger, plus you skip the hassle of buying ice.

Can I use the chiller in a regular bathtub?

Yes, you can use the chiller with your home bathtub. Just put both hoses over the top and you are ready.

How often I should change the water filter?

We recommend changing the water filter once every 1 - 2 months. You can purchase extra filters from the Accessories page.

How fast does it cool the water?

The chiller cools down the water from 2 - 4 hours depending on your climate and the ambient temperature of the water.

What temperatures can the chiller achieve?

This Wi-Fi chiller/heater can keep the water at a steady 36 F whilst filtering and keeping your water clean. It can warm it up to 104 F.

Lowest and highest temps are not guaranteed due to variable conditions.

Do I need to use ice when using the chiller?

You don't have to use any ice whatsoever when using our water chiller.

What is the size of the chiller?

The size is 25.6 x 25.6 x 18.9 inches.

It comes with easy to move wheels with breaks and handles.

How do I keep the water clean for longer?

Always keep the lid on your ice bath when not in use, to help prevent any debris from falling in.

You can apply hydrogen peroxide, chlorine tablets or water sanitizer, in your ice bath if you want but that is not necessary.

What is the recommended water temperature for cold plunge?

We recommend starting out at around 59º F / (15°C) if it's your first time, and then slowly lowering the temperature with each session.

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